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Can I fit a roof rack or roof bars to my Austops roof?

Yes, a roof rack or roof bars can be fitted to your Austops roof. The fixings must be to the outside of the canvas area towards the edge of the roof.

Will the warranty be invalid if I fit a roof rack or roof bars?

Your Austops warranty will remain valid unless accidental damage is caused during the fixing process.

How much weight can I put on my Austops roof?

We advise that no more than 25Kgs is sat on the roof, this includes all fixings and luggage.

Why is there a weight limit of 25Kgs on my Austops roof?

The gas struts and scissor hinges which support your roof have been manufactured specifically to support the weight of the Austops roof, enabling the roof to be open and closed efficiently and with the right amount of force. Additional weight on the roof will create an additional workload resulting in potential damage the struts and hinges.

Can I raise the roof with any luggage on top?

No, all luggage must be removed before you open the roof, it’s OK to leave the bars or roof rack though.

Can Austops recommend which roof bars or roof rack I can fit?

Because we don’t sell any of these products, we don’t make any recommendations however we do recommend that you speak to one of our regional fitters and ask for their advice. We would always recommend that you fit a reputable brand of product.

I have just bought a van and want to fit my own roof; can I buy direct from Austops?

We are a manufacturer and supplier to trade outlets only. Please check-out our ’fitters’ page to locate your nearest supplier. The fitter will be able to help you with prices and specifications.

What colours are available for roofs?

At Austops, we can supply virtually any colour. Simply provide us with a manufacturer’s paint code, paint name, RAL Code or any other industry recognised code and we will have the pigment mixed enabling us to supply a roof in your chosen colour.

Can Austops supply a roof in a metallic paint finish?

Unfortunately, not, we are able to supply in a solid paint finish only. If you require a metallic colour, you will need to coordinate this with your chosen Austops fitter.

Can I have my roof wrapped?

Yes, the finish of our roof is suitable for wrapping.

I have an Austops deluxe bed frame fitted in my van, what’s the maximum weight limit for it?

The maximum weight limit for the deluxe bed frame is 200kgs (440lbs).

I have an Austops standard bed kit fitted in my van, what’s the maximum weight limit for it?

The maximum weight limit for the standard bed kit is 150kgs (330lbs). The weight limit is applicable only when all items from our bed kit are used.

Can I have a thicker mattress on my bed?

The simple answer is yes, but not if you want to leave the mattress in place for storage when the roof is closed.

All bed kits are supplied with our standard mattress, which is 25mm thick. The mattress is sized to fit within the roof space whilst allowing the mattress to be stored when the roof is closed. Using a thicker mattress will likely prevent the roof from closing properly and should therefore be avoided.

When is it too windy to put the roof up?

Whilst the Pop top is very strong, we would advise you not elevate the roof in anything considered a light gale or stronger. If the weather is not suitable for pitching a tent it’s not suitable for elevating your roof.  If the weather is windy, we recommend that you should park your vehicle with the rear end of the van facing the prevailing wind which will minimise the pressure on the pop top.  If in any doubt, please keep the roof closed.

Can I fit a Solar panel to my Austops roof?

Yes, your Austops roof is suitable for a solar panel. Our recommendation is that you fit a semi-flexible panel secured with a PU adhesive. Whilst we don’t sell any of these products, we have it on good authority that Photonic Universe ( offer a great range of products.

How to raise & lower your Austops roof

TUV Tested

Our T5 and T6 roofs are fully TUV tested, this testing is done at the TUV Rheinland testing facility in cologne and ensures that the roof fitment process does not alter the vehicle in a way that would make it unsafe

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5 Year Warranty

All of our pop-top roofs come with an Austops 5 year warranty. We provide ourselves on excellent customer service. Whatever the query we aim to do whatever we can to help, please do not hesitate to get in touch

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Global Fitters Network

As a manufacture, we focus on designing and manufacturing the highest quality products that offer outstanding features at an affordable price. Our products are available to the public via an extensive network of specialist roof installers.

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TÜV tested

Our T5, T5.1, T6 and T6.1 roofs are fully TÜV Rheinland tested, this testing is done at the TÜV Rheinland testing facility in Cologne and ensures that the roof fitment process does not alter the vehicle in a way that would make it unsafe. This is the only test available that is specifically designed to test the impact of elevating roof fitment on the vehicle, products tested in this manner will always show the TÜV Rheinland kite mark on any certification.

ISO9001 certified

We are ISO9001 certified. This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement.

The ISO 9000 family addresses various aspects of quality management and contains some of ISO’s best-known standards. The standards provide guidance and tools for companies and organisations who want to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.

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