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The Best of British

When it comes to camper conversions, every poptop roof manufactured by Austops really is the Best of British. The roof was designed and developed in Britain , it is built in Britain and the vast majority of its component parts are manufactured in Britain too. And to steal the tag line from a German beer commercial, we think it’s ‘probably the best in the world’.

In these turbulent days, being proud to be British can become a bit political if you’re not careful, what with Brexit and everything. But we are simply proud to produce brilliant poptop roofs and we’re based in Britain just because that’s where we live. I guess if we lived in Nepal, we’d be the proudest (and possibly the only) Nepalese poptop manufacturer…but I don’t suppose the Himalayan campe rvan market is particularly strong, so we’d most likely go out of business rather fast.

Our diverse range of poptop roofs have evolved over the years into the products you see today. It’s taken a great deal of work, many sleepless nights and thousands of hours to achieve; and the development never stops. At every stage of the process, we look for improvements and solutions to potential issues. This invariably means we end up on the phone trying to find a solution as close to home as we can. This isn’t some jingoistic policy on our behalf; it’s simply easier and it keeps costs down and this means we can pass those savings on to you, making an Austops roof exceptional value for money too.

Don’t get me wrong; we’ll travel to the far side of the planet to find the quality we need, but invariably we can find the same or better quality far closer to home. And of course the less distance things travel, the better for the planet too.

So there you have it: Austops offers you ‘The Best of British’.

Of course with the English language being what it is, ‘The Best of British’ also means ‘good luck’; so does an Austops roof offer good luck too?

Well I’m not sure about that, but having a camper with one of our roofs certainly means that you have the flexibility to explore at home or abroad in an exceptionally versatile vehicle; and that seems quite lucky to me.

I’ve no idea why ‘The Best of British’ can mean good luck. If you think about it English must be a nightmare to learn as we have so many bizarre sayings. After all, I can write about an Austops roof in a way that makes total sense, but at the same time it makes no sense whatsoever.

For example, an Austops roof doesn’t cost a bomb. It’s not a faff to use and unlike some that are pants, we think the Austops roof is mint. True, you do have to splash out to get one, but you want your camper conversion to blow your socks off and not to go pear shaped after all.

So when it’s brass monkeys outside, have a butcher’s at other camper vans, separate the wheat from the chaff and Bob’s your uncle; Austops are the best.

So bite the bullet and order yours today.

TUV Tested

Our T5 and T6 roofs are fully TUV tested, this testing is done at the TUV Rheinland testing facility in cologne and ensures that the roof fitment process does not alter the vehicle in a way that would make it unsafe

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5 Year Warranty

All of our pop-top roofs come with an Austops 5 year warranty. We provide ourselves on excellent customer service. Whatever the query we aim to do whatever we can to help, please do not hesitate to get in touch

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Global Fitters Network

As a manufacture, we focus on designing and manufacturing the highest quality products that offer outstanding features at an affordable price. Our products are available to the public via an extensive network of specialist roof installers.

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An Elevated Experience

The UK’s leading manufacturer of elevating (pop-top) roofs for camper vans

TÜV tested

Our T5, T5.1, T6 and T6.1 roofs are fully TÜV Rheinland tested, this testing is done at the TÜV Rheinland testing facility in Cologne and ensures that the roof fitment process does not alter the vehicle in a way that would make it unsafe. This is the only test available that is specifically designed to test the impact of elevating roof fitment on the vehicle, products tested in this manner will always show the TÜV Rheinland kite mark on any certification.

ISO9001 certified

We are ISO9001 certified. This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement.

The ISO 9000 family addresses various aspects of quality management and contains some of ISO’s best-known standards. The standards provide guidance and tools for companies and organisations who want to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.

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Austops are a leading UK manufacturer of camper van elevating roofs (pop tops) with approved roof fitters operating throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe and beyond. We currently manufacture camper van roofs for VW, Ford, Renault, Vauxhall, Opel, Nissan, Fiat, Mitsubishi, and are developing new products for Peugeot, Toyota and Citroën vans.


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